Scholarship Program

The Northwest Compensation and Rewards Forum (NCRF) offers a Scholarship Program to support the educational efforts of its members by providing financial assistance for WorldatWork certification courses.

Each year, the NCRF Scholarship Program will award scholarships to individuals who are pursuing at least one WorldatWork certification designation.  The amount of the scholarship is the lesser of $1,495 or the cost of one NCRF sponsored WorldatWork course at the time of registration. Scholarship recipients will have two (2) years from the grant of the scholarship award in which to utilize these funds.


The following are program parameters that may be modified as necessary by the NCRF Board of Directors:

The NCRF Board of Directors will determine the amount of the scholarship fund on an annual basis as part of the budgeting process. Funds may be held over, in the scholarship fund, from year to year if they have not been awarded. Additionally, the Board of Directors will also determine the number of scholarships to be awarded for each year. The Board of Directors has discretion to increase or decrease the number of awards based on prior year financial performance.

The Scholarship Committee will consist of at least three NCRF board members (one of whom will be designated as the Committee Chair) who will review applications and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Committee Chair will respond to inquiries regarding the scholarship program, collect applications, and prepare information to be reviewed by the Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors.

• Applications will be reviewed for timeliness, completeness and content. Special attention will be given to applicants whose employer provides no or limited funds to support continuing education.

• Approved funds will be dispersed in the form of a check made out to WorldatWork.

• Only NCRF members are eligible for this scholarship. A current paid membership is required.

Scholarship Committee members are ineligible to apply for scholarships during their tenure on the Committee.


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