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Total Rewards in the Age Curve: Unlocking the Future

  • Wednesday, January 24, 2024
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting



Total Rewards in the Age Curve: Unlocking the Future

  • Join us on January 24, 2024

    Free to NCRF and TRPDX Members

    Session: Total Rewards in the Age Curve: Unlocking the Future - Harnessing the Power of Midlife and Older Women in the Workforce

    By 2030, 150 million jobs will be held by individuals over the age of 55. This shift is projected to represent over a quarter of the entire workforce by 2031. This isn't merely a change in demographics; it's a significant shift in the professional landscape. Midlife and older women are becoming an increasingly bigger part of this shift. 

    Join us to explore the age-related nuances of today's workforce, particularly the challenges and contributions of mid and late career women. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing the pivotal role of women in bridging talent gaps and bolstering leadership, understanding their unique challenges from menopause to gendered-age bias. The session will provide practical strategies to design age-friendly benefits, foster age-positive workspaces, prioritize tailored well-being programs, and develop roles that resonate with the contemporary needs of an aging workforce. The content can help equip your organization to thrive by staying ahead of the age curve.

    Key takeaways from the session will include: 

1.   The impact of an aging workforce: Come away with a better understanding of this workforce evolution and its direct implications for Total Rewards strategies.

2.   The importance of midlife and older women in the demographic change: Learn more about their instrumental role in the workforce, the challenges they face, and how to cultivate an environment conducive to their growth, success, and retention.

3.   Tailored Benefit Design: Explore practical tools and strategies to craft age-inclusive benefits, with a focus on well-being offerings that work for the modern workforce.

Speaker: Kate Milne Founder and Principal Consultant Cardea Health Consulting

Kate Milne is a Healthy Aging Specialist, a Health Promoter, and a community-based researcher. With a focus on promoting wellbeing in midlife and older women, she has established herself as a trusted authority in the field of female healthy aging.

Kate's career is dedicated to empowering individuals, supporting populations, and facilitating employers to embrace the aging process through actionable well-being strategies. As a speaker, she shares her insights, helping audiences understand how to optimize physical, mental, and emotional well-being in an older workforce.

Kate combines evidence-based research with actionable advice. Her expertise enables her to address the unique challenges faced by employers as they look towards a rapidly changing demographics and shrinking labor force.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Kate actively collaborates with corporate organizations, government, community organizations, and policymakers to shape the future of the aging population. Her commitment to fostering age-friendly environments and improving workplace health has earned her recognition as a thought leader in the field.

When: January 24th, 2024, 11:45 am to 1 pm

Location: ZOOM – Look for Link in your confirmation email. 

Cost: Free for NCRF and TRPDX Members, $25 non-members


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